Your Soaring Spirits Profile

Creating a Soaring Spirits profile is an easy way to support the mission of Soaring Spirits!

Widowed folks, the friends and family of our widowed community, organizations that refer their community to our programs, businesses who sponsor our events, awesome people who just love the energy of Soaring Spirits…everyone is encouraged to join our website community!  

Bonus: Every month you will have the chance to win a cool gift via our community involvement points...we love our supporters!

Joining the Soaring Spirits community by creating a custom profile gives you the chance to tell folks why Soaring Spirits’ mission matters to you.  Remember, you don’t have to be widowed to join our website community. The more people who support our mission to connect widowed people with each other, the more likely we are to ensure that widowed people find us. And then, find each other.  Together we can make a difference!

Check out this Q & A that will help you set-up your personal profile…

What information will be viewed publicly on my profile?

               A public profile displays the following information:

  • your name
  • photo
  • short bio
  • website (if entered)
  • Twitter handle (if entered)
  • activity on the Soaring Spirits website, including comments, event RSVPs, donations, pledges, suggestions, survey responses, and pages published, statement of support for Soaring Spirits (you always have the option to keep any activity private)
  • fundraising goal and progress bar (active only if you choose to create a fundraising goal)


What is the purpose of my profile?

            Your public profile will allow you to:

  • Opt-in to receive Soaring Spirits newsletter and occasional email updates
  • Create your own public statement of support for Soaring Spirits
  • Find and follow friends that are part of the Soaring Spirits community
  • Be notified of comments on blogs you are following
  • Collect community involvement points for any of the ways you interact on the website from commenting to sharing on social media to following friends on the site. You can check your community involvement points by clicking the community involvement bar under your profile to see your recent activity
  • Be entered into our monthly drawing for anyone who has collected any community involvement points over the prior month. You don’t need to have the most points to win…you just need one community involvement (ci) point to be eligible to win!
  • Become a Soaring Spirits virtual fundraiser! It’s as easy as setting a goal on your profile page, and then sharing your personal fundraising link!


How do I create my Soaring Spirits profile?

Just click the JOIN NOW button at the top right of the Soaring Spirits website to get started!

What if I want to edit my Soaring Spirits profile?

Once your profile has been created, editing can be easily done by logging into your account, and then selecting ‘settings’ from the menu options that appear underneath your profile photo.

How can I change my profile photo?

If your social media accounts are linked to your profile, your twitter or facebook profile photo will automatically load as your Soaring Spirits profile photo. If you don’t have a social media account or if you’d like to upload a different photo, first log into your account. Once logged in, you will find the option to “choose file” under the profile image field on the profile editing page. Choose the photo file from your computer that you’d like to upload, and then save the changes to your profile.

Can you explain the navigation bar that shows up under my profile picture?

Here is a list of the navigation options available under your profile photo:

Find friends:  Look for people who are your friends on facebook or twitter and easily friend them on the Soaring Spirits site…collecting community involvement points as you go!

Following: This is the list of Soaring Spirits community members that you are following, and works in the same way as most social media sites. Click follow on any person’s profile and they will be added to the list of folks with whom you like to keep in touch!

Community Involvement page: Wondering if you have any community involvement points at all? Click the community involvement button, and view a list of your recent activity!

Your pages: If you’ve created any fundraising pages, you will find them listed here.

What happens if I add a fundraising goal to my profile?

The first thing that happens is everyone on the Soaring Spirits teams does a happy dance! 

Next, your profile will add the selected fundraising goal to your public profile, and will create a personal fundraising link for you to use when sharing your fundraising effort. Any donations that come in through your personal link will automatically be credited to your fundraising campaign!

Is adding a fundraising goal to my profile mandatory?

Nope! We are always grateful for assistance with financially supporting our programs, but we are also so grateful for our community members who support us through outreach, volunteer hours, and by letting their community know about the programs we offer for widowed men and women. There is no pressure to create a fundraising page; we just want to make fundraising easy for those who are interested.

Can organizations and businesses set-up a profile?

Yes! We’d love to have your organization or business join our community! While you are creating your profile, perhaps you will also consider joining us as one of our event sponsors!

I need help setting up my profile!

We are happy to help.  Just send us a message that details the problem you are encountering, and we will be happy to assist!