You will totally get this...

Alison sent me the following message about her blog post for today. I knew you'd all so get her frustration, so I've decided to post what she sent me, and send her some words of understanding and encouragement for when her computer is working once again.

We love you, Alison!

Hi Michele,

I can't write my blog tonight. I think my laptop has a virus or something; it won't turn on.

This is one of those widow things where Chuck was computer savvy and could have probably prevented it-and I don't k ow the technical stuff so may have inadvertently done something and now it's fried. I don't know and I'm on the road for the next week, and don't have time to stop for someone to look at it and I'm traveling west, and I fucking hate widowhood.

So, no blog this week. I apologize.

Nothin' but Love,

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  • commented 2017-08-23 23:27:03 -0700
    OMG Alison I’m right there with you only this week it’s the car…and I’m so done with having to shoulder it all alone. Widowhood just sucks. Sending love your way (and hope for a fix for your computer gremlin!)