Wrapped in the Warmth

12_21_10.jpgThe holiday season is on me - not upon me, but really ON me - like a rash...I'm totally covered up. ;-) I'm not complaining, it is the fun things that are burying me, too many parties, too many friends, too much love. Clearly you can never have too many friends or too much love. My cup is Niagara Falls.

This year is a different one from the previous 5. This is our 6th Christmas without Daniel. Hard to believe. Grayson was 4 the last time he had Christmas with his Dad. His belief in Santa was firmly intact and his most wanted present was a trampoline. This year, G is less certain of Santa, but very certain of the meaning of Christmas and his most wanted gift is a home gym. My big boy is still a little guy in some ways, and so very grown up in others. What a gift he is to me. I am grateful for him all of the time.

This year I have an additional gift or two in my life. A fantastic boyfriend and his feisty and adorable daughter. Who would have thought it possible? I certainly didn't. I definitely entertained the idea and was open to the possibility, but I don't think I really believed it could happen. Well, hell is freezing over, and no one is more surprised than me.

So this year, I find myself wrapped in the warmth of Christmas in a way I haven't been in a very long time. If I have a spare moment, I'll relax and enjoy it. If I don't have a spare moment (which is looking very likely), I'll just scury forward knowing that the warmth is waiting for me when I'm ready to slow down. It's really a great feeling.

Merry Christmas! 

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