With Apologies~

I apologize to all of you for this week's lack of a blog.  I'm sooooo sick.

Emotions were high and my immune system is low and all the emotions of my son's graduation from Basic training for the Air Force,combined with a germ I picked up from my daughter, have laid me low.

But I haven't been able to really pay attention to it until now, as I had to drive from Texas to Arizona.  Coughing and hacking up a lung the entire way, it seemed.

You name it and it seems to be showing up in my body;  clogged hearing, coughing til I can't breathe, runny nose alternating with congestion.  I'm on some over the counter meds and hoping if I lie low it will run its' course quickly.

So brain power and writing are beyond me for this week.  Mostly all I want is to curl up on a bed somewhere and wake up to see my husband bringing me hot tea, or better yet, a chocolate bar, as he always used to do.

Wishful thinking, I know. But I can at least just curl up for the night, as I'm safely at my daughter's home.

Next week I'll write a humdinger of a blog to make up for this...

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  • Stephen Hochhaus
    commented 2015-10-14 14:37:18 -0700
    Glad you are in a safe place Alison. being sick without the comfort of our husbands and wives is worse than just being sick. It makes us miss them just that much more. Be better soon.
  • Karen Sutherland
    commented 2015-10-14 10:33:59 -0700
    Dear Alison, I am so sorry that you are so sick. And going through a spate of illness without Chuck to lend his special TLC adds another layer of misery. I’m so glad you are with your daughter. Hoping for a speedy recovery and sending lots of love and warm hugs to you. xox Karen
  • louanne Kilmer
    commented 2015-10-14 08:33:38 -0700
    Haven’t even been a widow for a week, but blog has helped me.