Widowed Pen Pal

Widowed Pen PalOur Widowed Pen Pal program will match you with another widowed person for one-on-one supportive e-mail correspondence. The Widowed Pen Pal program was designed for those who would rather correspond with one person consistently than join a group forum. This program will connect you with up to three other widowed people (widows are connected with widows, and widowers with widowers) who are within ten years of yourself in age, have lost their spouse or partner within six months of your loss, and who have the same parenting status as you do.

Our process for matching pen pals includes verification of widowhood which we process through our Widowed Village program. This is our way of ensuring, to the best of our ability, that the people being served by our programs are actually widowed. Soaring Spirits employs a very broad definition of widowhood, so please understand this verification process is not about whether you were married to your life partner, but rather is our way of confirming that every person in our program has actually experienced the death of a spouse or partner.

Creating a safe environment of support is a priority for all Soaring Spirits programs. Your request for a pen pal pairing will direct you to the membership page for our Widowed Village program, where we will begin working to connect you with another widowed person with whom you can communicate. 

Many lifelong friendships have begun with just one email! Click here to request your Widowed Pen Pal.

Widowed Pen Pal

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