why not?

8_5_11.JPGWritten five months "post Jeff"....

My sister, Kirsten, was lending an ear the other day when I was having a hard time. I was upset about the whole lack of hope and happiness thing. 

I didn't know why I should try anymore...with anything. He's gone. Nothing matters anymore. So I said to her, "Why? Why bother?"

She said, "I guess it comes down to 'Why not?' We're here anyhow. Why not make the best of it?"

The next day, I was driving past the cemetery that handled Jeff's remains. Instead of it's usual messages of "Get your burial plot before the new rate increase" or "Preplan your funeral arrangements. Your family will thank you." It said this: “Ask not why, but... why not?”

I know it's a coincidence...but it tripped me out.

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