Who will never forget you?

Most will forget the way you wore your hair and your favourite items of clothing. They will forget your tattoos and the way you smelt when you drenched yourself in cologne or perfume. They will forget the way you walked, the way your body moved among theirs, they will forget your movements. Yes, all of your mannerisms. They will forget the sound of your voice.


In time without realising, they will forget your unforgettable face. A photo of you will make them close their eyes and think of you. Try to remember you, your face. It becomes an image of bits and pieces, pieces that don’t quite fit together the way they did when you were here.  No doubt they will feel the pain of your loss, but its pain that most will forget. Most will go from thinking of you every day, to eventually only thinking of you twice a year. On your birthday and on the day you died. For a while though they will think of you and remember you when something reminds them of you. For a little while they will miss you.

Then there are the few that will deeply ache for you, long for you, think of you, not just miss you. The few who don’t need a reminder of you. Because for them, they no longer feel whole without you. You are missing from them. The few who will forever share photos of you. Trying to remind the most, that you lived. The few who long to talk about you, to make people remember you. To not feel so alone in their thoughts of life without you. The few who really cared to know you.


The few whose lives you touched just by being you. Who will remember the little things about you. The way you smiled and if you blushed when you were nervous. They will remember the way you held them in your arms. The way you rested your head next to theirs. The way you laughed and cried with them. They will remember your touch and how rough or smooth your skin was. They will remember the way you tilted your head when you smiled at them. They will remember the way you looked at them. They will remember the words you spoke to them. They will close their eyes and see yours full of colour staring back at them. They will forever remember you in everything thing they do.


The few who will always wish that they had more time with you. Who will keep alive the memory of you. The few who will still talk to you and wish that they could hear you. The few who will pray that they get to dream of you. Just to see you. The few who will scream silently for you, who will fight the pain of losing you, just to live another day without you. The few, who you deeply love and who deeply love you. The few who will never forget you.

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  • commented 2017-08-21 23:17:47 -0700
    Kaiti I keep coming back to this post….it is so very true for me. It sometimes feels the kids and I are the only ones who miss him so much. And the missing I feel is on a whole different level. I hope you are well – I miss your posts each week. Sending hugs