We Missed Him .....

.... at this little girl's (the one in purple) college graduation this weekend.

Very much.


But I didn't cry.

If you don't count the night before.

That was the toughest time. For me.

He should have been there.

These "big events" are both sweet .... and difficult.

I never pictured doing them without him.



But it was good.

We celebrated.

We celebrated a couple of things this weekend.


In spite of missing him.

In spite of his absence.


We are learning to celebrate again.

In spite of.





We celebrated a birthday: 



And we celebrated a prom: 



It's taken almost 2 and a half years, but we are learning to celebrate more than we grieve.

Don't get me wrong .... we do grieve.

Each in our own way.

But we're learning to live again.

And he would want that.


Life has a lot to offer.

I forgot that for a while.


But now I'm remembering.

I'm remembering what it is to be happy.

In spite of.

I'm remembering what is it to celebrate.

In spite of.


It's coming back to me.


One step at a time.


In spite of.


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