We Made It ....

12_02_09.JPGWidowhood is a very, very long road but we made it past Thanksgiving, didn't we? We may have not wanted to, it may have been yet another punch in the gut, it may have been less horrible than we anticipated .... but we did it.

We all keep putting one foot in front of the other (most days) and as we walk we grow stronger and stronger. We don't feel as strong as many people think we are, but we are growing.
I myself dreaded this holiday, as it was the first time for my husband's family to be together .... sort of .... since he died. His mother died 5 months after he did so we had two huge holes in our holiday. I did have a few rough times ..... times where I went off by myself and cried for what I've lost, for what my reality is, but most of the time it was good to be with our family. I knew that I was loved and supported there, in spite of sometimes feeling "separate".
So one huge holiday down, a couple of others to go. We can do this. We have each other and the knowledge that others have made it before us. Again, we may not want to and it may be oh so very difficult, but we can do this.
Just keep breathing .... and stepping .... one foot at a time.
And know that you are not alone.

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