Walking in the Snow

It’s very cold here. 

Winter has settled upon this sleepy town in which I reside. Snow has fallen and ice has wrapped herself around anything and everything within her reach, clutching as if desperate.

I, too, am desperate. Desperate to come in from the cold I was involuntarily tossed out into a short while ago. Desperate to come in and feel the warmth once more.

Every now and then, I get a glimpse of it. This week, I felt a bit of warmth again. It’s not exactly where I want to be just yet, but it was comforting. It was hopeful.

I walked this road alone for so long. I knew there were others out there doing the same thing, but this week...I felt like they were walking alongside me.

Are we able to keep each other warm? It takes a bit of tact and putting aside our pride in order for that to happen, but it is possible. My road in grief has been a steady climb of hope.

Hope that one day I can see these goals I’ve set come to fruition. Hope that one day I can help others do the same. Hope that one day when I leave this world that Lila will carry on that same perspective albeit a more refined one.

My cold desires warmth.

My soul desires shelter.

My skies long to be painted in twilight.

And I will get there one day. One day, I will come in from the cold, feel the warmth, and see that everything is as it should be.

For now, I’m just walking in the snow.


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  • commented 2018-01-13 11:39:42 -0800
    Great visuals Gabe. Love it!