Kimberly Jordan

  • commented on Three Divorces and a Funeral 2017-10-28 18:26:17 -0700
    I am a widow. The one thing I have learned through this and lossing my daughter just a few years later is loss of a loved one is different for each loss. And most importantly for those of us that grieve there will always be well meaning people who say horrible, hurtful things. A very smart person reminded me that we must give each other grace. I assume that the person saying something like divorce is worse.. does not understand the depth of pain. The mind numbing changes we will eventually have to walk ourselves through when we can’t even breathe. They don’t understand, not that they don’t care. I say a bit of a prayer for those that are ignorant of the pain we feel. And remember that I was once blissfully unaware of what it felt like to live out our vow, until death do us part.