Two Years

March 1 will mark 2 years since my beautiful life ended.

The life I loved.
The life where my best friend did everything with me.
The life where beautiful things were abundant and not edged with sadness. 
The life where I felt safe and loved and content and happy.

Two years since that awful day.

Last year, there were lots of people around me on that day, but this year I know I want it to be just us so we can acknowledge it fully: crying when we need to cry, saying what we need to say and doing what we need to do.
After all, grief has to be acknowledged and lived and I can't do that when ten people are willing me not to cry (when I have every right to).

So this week, I shall wallow in the grief.
I shall acknowledge it, live it, and weep for the life I wanted for my family. 
I will take that day off work and spend it with my children.
We will talk about Greg.
We will share our memories and look at old photos. 
We will visit his grave - the kids will see it for the first time since the funeral.

...and we will grieve.


Then, we will pick ourselves back up and continue onwards into this different life.
This life that has replaced the beautiful one.

and we'll do it together.

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