learning to live life again

  • commented on What I Knew, But Don’t Now~ 2015-06-17 10:33:22 -0700
    Oh, yes. Thanks for this. I lost my mom and my sister within 11 months after caring for each of them and I thought I knew grief, then. But it didn’t hold a candle to this grief. I have such a different perspective, now. I treat myself with more kindness, realising that my sorrow underpins everything and all that I am, at the present moment. I have just passed my first anniversary and found myself sobbing, once again, both last night and this morning. I keep looking for light and sometimes I see it and sometimes it seems so far away. Thank you for these words. Truth.

  • commented on My Husband, My Blessing 2015-06-13 13:14:47 -0700
    Beautiful photos and they show so clearly your love for each other. Thinking of you as you continue this grief journey.

  • commented on Be Kind 2015-05-31 02:30:10 -0700
    Such a good reminder, Sarah. I am just coming upon the one year, mark, and I see how hard I can be on myself. What we have been through is so very traumatic and painful. No wonder you are still reeling from it. And, you have done so much, to move into a new life, a life you did not choose, without your love. Me, too. I have to keep that in mind, and remember to be kind. Thanks for this.

I lost the love of my life on the 9th of June, 2014, after it took me decades to find him. I am learning to step into life, again, as a widow. I want to carry his kindness into the world.
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