11_11_11.jpgBeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
-Lao Tzu

It's Veteran's Day, and it comes every year with many people asking what I'll be doing. How I'll be honoring a day that my husband fought and died to be recognized as a part of.

I guess in a way these days (Veteran's and Memorial Day) are not so much any different then yesterday or the day before, as they're days that I daily am reminded of with Michael's absence...with his uniforms that hang lifeless in the closet...with the flag displayed on the shelf. But it's a day brought to the attention to those outside of my realm, and so a day that I am able to talk about him a bit more and know he's being remembered.

So my answer for what I will do tomorrow is: Remember his strength and courage, Remember the love that was shown to him and that he showed others that gave him the ability to sacrifice his all in the name of sanctifying those attributes and the root of their being. I'll reflect on how lucky I am that he chose me, not only to love but to bear his legacy and what he stood for in the case he would never return. I'll think of the men and women of the military that allowed him to flourish in his passion in life and allowed him the ability to die having found it. I'll think of April 9th, 2007, the last time I kissed him in the airport. I'll think of the many like me who shared that kiss they never thought would be there last. I'll think about those that came before him and after him in serving our country. I'll remember that in my darkest hours to tap into what he embodied. I'll think of how proud I am of him and how I hope to make him proud, too...

I'll think about what I think about each and every day.

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