Time Waits For No One

18 Months. 564 days. A year and a half has now passed by without him. It doesn’t feel like that long ago, but then again it does. Some days it feels like yesterday that we were sharing kisses. Other days our life feels like a sweet distant and faint memory. Some days it’s not real at all, as though we just lost contact somewhere along the way. I imagine and dance with the idea he is away somewhere living out a happy and full life. Somedays I like to pretend ill see him again in this life. None of my day dreams change how much I miss him.

There is no longer much left in my house of the life we shared. His clothes, I have packed away. His toiletries, packed away. His tools, packed away. Out of sight but never out of mind. People rarely speak of him now, speak of us. I miss hearing his name being spoken. I miss hearing stories told about him, even if they make me cry. Tears are worth the sound of his name. How I wish for more than just memories.

His ashes rest in a pendant around my neck. The pendant is a reality check, I cannot pretend he is away when part of him is with me. Which part I wonder at times. These thoughts are sickening, sorrow filled, painful and yet to be peaceful. I want all of him with me. In life not dust. I long for him in the flesh. I long for the warmth of him, but instead of his warmth I wear a cold chain around my neck. Although it brings me pain to wear it, I do not feel as alone when he is with me.

I find myself smiling with life and without thinking about it the pendant becomes pressed to my lips. When I feel afraid, stressed, worried alone, the pendant is clasped in my fist. And I can speak to him, cry to him as he were here. It’s both comforting and depressing.

This time last year I wrote of what my grief was like at 187 days or 6 months. As I read back on the words I wrote 12 months ago I feel strength in myself for how far I have come but also familiarity with much that is still the same. I hope my words today and a year ago (below) can give hope to someone else. Sending love to all.         

187 days - The feeling in my stomach, described as a dark pit or a mini tornado churning my insides. Its anxiety. There’s a lump in my throat at the thought of an impending date. Total disbelief that half a year has passed since I last held him in my arms. I wonder how many breathes I’ve taken in the last 187 days without him. I wonder how I have managed to keep breathing at all.

The new normal as its put is this. Upon opening my eyes in the morning I am given less than a minute but more than a second of peace from reality. Where is he, I wake wondering before my mind quickly catches up.

I look over to his photo, some mornings I can smile at him, some mornings I am angry with him, some mornings I ask him “when are you coming home?” and some mornings I cry. If I didn’t have little humans to look after I doubt that I would bother to get out of bed at all.

Each day is different, I never know what to expect anymore. One minute I think “I’m doing well today” then out of nowhere it hits like an unexpected tidal wave, drowning any progress I think I’ve made. The thoughts ‘I’m doing well’ are simply derived from learning to live with grief. Grief begins to become normal. This is my life now, this is what’s normal, and this is how I will most likely continue living day to day for quite some time yet. Time stands still for me. I cannot grasp or understand how it has been half a year when it feels as though last week he were here.

How does the rest of the world view my grief, it is masked quite well. Acquaintance’s “you seem to be doing better now.” My thoughts “Do I? Thank you for your weak observation.”

How I really respond to that comment “One day at a time.” Then they usually reply “you’re such a strong woman.”

How uncomfortable they would feel if I were to tell them how it really is.

Some days but not every day, I wake only to wish I’d never opened my eyes, can you imagine what it’s like to feel that way? Wishing away the days here because with each day that passes it’s another day closer to seeing him again. Then proceeding out of bed with almost no motivation, I boil the kettle before anything else because after a maximum of 5 to 6 hours sleep a night for the last 6 months it’s impossible to function without caffeine. Every morning using the same blue coffee cup, the last coffee cup that his lips touched.

Looking out the kitchen window I wonder will he give me a sign today, can he see me, does he know my thoughts, can he feel how much I miss him?

A fog clouds my mind, a fog of him, of our memories. A memory comes to mind and I become lost in it for a few moments. I wish he was here. Getting used to grief, becoming accustomed to it, living with the same emotions that were present the day that time stopped. Just adapting.

Learning over the past few months that tears do not change anything, they do not bring him back. I no longer cry in front of others as often. Tears do not solve anything and as much as I would love some help I’ve found tears just make people around me uncomfortable and they pull away. So I leave the house with a mask on. I can hold conversations with people now, although only really hearing every second or third word that passes their lips. My attention span is near non-existent because although I hide it well my mind is still constantly fixed and clouded with thoughts of my love.

Going through each day thinking about the life we had, wondering what he would have been eating for lunch as I order my own. Having conversations in my head with him, asking him questions out loud then wondering if he can hear me. Is he sitting beside me, just as lost as I am? Is he trying to find a way to answer my questions? What is he doing? Where is he? Then when I am alone, lost in thoughts of him, tears begin to well before spilling out to roll down my cheeks. I stare at his photograph and place my fingers gently on the glass, losing myself just staring at his face as if he were standing in front of me.

I whisper “I love you, I wish you were here”.

Was that him? The person walking down the street that I drove past. I turn around just to be sure. The stranger is no longer there and I wonder if it really was him or just my imagination playing tricks on me again. There is a joy and sorrow that accompanies daily life, joy in watching our children grow, play and learn. Sorrow that he is not here to share the experience with. Wondering if he can see them, their smiles. Looking at pictures of us all as a family and noticing how much the children have grown up since he was here. They are so much taller, smarter and cheekier. He would be so proud.

Then I wonder “is he really missing out on them” or “is it just us missing out on him” either way it’s equally unfair, this life is unfair.

People no longer speak his name as often because they have moved on. It has been half a year for them, but for me time stopped the day he passed away. There is no end to this grief because there is no end to the love I have for him.

When I close my eyes I am taken to his, a place of peace from the new normal.

It’s now been 187 days of him constantly on my mind so again when you talk about him I don’t feel as alone in my thoughts. His name sounds like home to me.

It’s likely unbelievable to all but those who have experienced it, that for almost 18 hours a day over the last six months my mind has consciously thought of only him. And unconsciously I don’t feel it would be much different.

Picture yourself in a canoe alone on a river, you have one oar and no life jacket. You cannot see the banks of the river beside you or even the rapids in front of you. You are surrounded in a thick blanket of white fog, so thick it’s almost suffocating. However when you look behind, the stream is placid and the air is clear. The banks of the river are visible and so beautiful their full of life and abundance. You wish you could turn your canoe around but the current won’t allow it so your forced into the fog, leaving the past behind.

Floating with no sense of direction away from a life that was filled with love, hope and dreams. Blindly moving forward and struggling just to breathe.

This river seems as though it will never meet the ocean. Every now and then you’re unexpectedly thrown into the rapids and the thought that you may drown crosses your mind. Sometimes you want to give into the waves and let them carry you away. But somehow you manage to find hidden strengths. Taking hold of your oar, you continue to fight through the waves around you.

This is how I describe the last six months of my life.

What happened in the last six months? Each day has been so very similar to the one before it. Some good days, some bad days, lots of sad days and lots of days I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

At 187 days, 365 days and 564 days, I still long for his touch. For his voice, his smile, his heart beat, his advice, his love, his smell. I still long for the life we had, I long for him.

I love him.

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  • Nicole Richiez
    commented 2017-06-20 23:18:03 -0700
    Unfortunately I completely understand what you are saying, feeling and going through. I am a new widow and it is heart breaking. It has been 21 days since my beloved husband, Jorge, died from a fatal car crash. It has been 21 days since my world has stopped spinning and time has forever begun to stand stil. He was killed 2 days after my 25 birthday and at 27 years 6 months and 4 days of his beautiful life. I feel cheated. I feel so many emotions and do not even know where to begin processing them. I just miss him. I miss everything about him. His smile. His smell. His warmth. His laughter. His touch. His love. His whole being. My whole being hurts. If that makes any sense. Every fiber of my being can feel that every fiber of his is gone. People look at me differently. As if I am a wounded animal they cannot stand to look at. No one knows what to say or what to do so everyone does and says the wrong things. They don’t understand. Nothing brings me comfort. I can’t sleep and when I do I wake up miserable. For a split second I am okay and I go to call out for him or call or text him and than I realize he is never coming home. I can’t eat. Even though I force myself to, I feel disgusting when I eat and I have no appetite. I can barely even shower. I was in the shower when the accident occurred and I got out because I felt something was wrong. In my heart I knew he wasn’t okay. And I immediately called him but he was already unconscious and fading away. I hate myself. I blame myself. It has been 11 days since his funeral and it is unreal. It didn’t quite hit me that he was gone until they presented military honors at his funeral. When they handed me his service flag is when I completely died inside because it finally clicked he will never come home again. I don’t have children or family. It was him and I. And that is all I needed. I am mad at myself for writing to start a family and now I will never have that chance. I am angry at the world. I hate the woman that killed him. I’m depressed. I am feeling so many emotions and it is so overwhelming. I feel crushed. Broken. Shattered. I feel so damaged and beyond repair. He was my light and now all I see is darkness. I too wear him around my neck in a pendent. We shred tattoos of double infinity. So I bought an infinity necklace to keep part of him in. It brings me some comfort but it isn’t the same. I want him here, physically by my side. But no one understands. I can barely sleep in out bed. I curl up in a ball on my side. Afraid to rollover onto his. So I have pillows propped up. I am afraid to roll over and him not be there. Friends and family can’t even talk to me, let alone look at me. I get it. I am a constant reminder and mirror image of him. I just do not know what to do or where to go from here. Majority of me doesn’t want to survive. Part of me wants to succumb to the widows effect. It just wasn’t suppose to happen. Our story wasn’t suppose to go like this. We had it planned. We were so happy. So inseparable. I had 7 beautiful years with him. 4 in which we were married. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Is that selfish? I miss him more and more each day. I love him more and more. I hate myself for not being there when he died. I was miles away. I am just so broken and don’t want to survive this. I want him. I need him. I have all this questions and will never get answers. I just love him so much and I don’t understand. I am tired of hearing that I am youn and I’ll find love again. Or that I need to move on and get over his death. Or that I am the strongest person anyone knows and if anyone can survive it is me. I don’t want to survive. Doesn’t anyone get that? He was my whole world. He is my whole world. And he is gone. Where do I go from here? How can I live another 21 days or months or years without him? When all I want to do is give up. I love and miss him. And I am so broken. How do I survive the rest of my life without him by my side? These last 21 days have been a reoccurring nightmare. I just miss him. I love him so much. And I hope wherever he is he can feel just how much.
  • Jo Szabo
    commented 2017-06-05 19:00:48 -0700
    This is exactly how I feel at 6 weeks since my fiancé passed suddenly. I’m empty.
  • Don Yacona
    commented 2017-06-04 08:02:24 -0700
    I totally understand. The second anniversary of Arlene’s Heart attack and stroke was Friday and none of my relatives even acknowledged it, I have my doubts that they will on Saturday when I pass the two year mark. I havent been able to bring myself to empty her closet or the drawers in her dresser that i havent taken over yet. All I can say is that this truly sucks and people whomhavent gone thru it cannot even begin to understand.
  • Rhonda Braban
    commented 2017-06-03 23:22:06 -0700
    Kaiti My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have been widowed 3 years and it is like yesterday. I resonate with everything you have shared. My grief is like a tsunami a whirlpool of emotions always threatening to take me under. Somehow I hold my head up to live another day without him. The loneliness is all consuming. I have just discovered this website and look forward to reading stories of grief, loss and hope.