Time to Be

4_13_10.jpgI had some time this weekend - me time. Me and Michele time if I'm completely truthful, but it was me time just the same. A couple of days with no cares in the world.

This weekend it all came together. A sudden realization that the opportunity was there and so was the free airline ticket. 

The last minute recruitment of a fabulous Grandma to take charge of my little guy. Last minute registration for a 10k run and 48 hours of "prep-time" for the run: chips, queso, margaritas....I mean what good training program doesn't include those three ingredients? :) Don't forget the pedicures and non-stop girl talk and people watching. It was a recipe for relaxation and much needed fun.

Michele was packing for this sudden trip and started to put some work in her bag. In a moment of rebellion, she unpacked the work and left it at home. Yay! I also pretended to be gainfully unemployed for the weekend. All responsibilities shirked! Best friend time coordinated! Mission accomplished! I soooooo needed the break, and it was like a mini-vacation in my own town. I enjoyed every second. And, other than some sore legs today - I'm in much better shape than I was last week. My energy is restored, batteries charged, once again ready to take on the world.

Friends can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered!

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