'Til Always~

Chuck's death did not break me.

I am not broken.

My heart shattered when he died. 

It is shattered still.

I feel dislocated.

Oftentimes disoriented.



Trying to find my footing each day without him.

Yes, even six years later.

But not broken.

I don't need fixing.

I never did.

I fully recognize the people who shine a light for me on this darkened pathway.

And I recognize those who don't.

I draw healthy boundaries with those who don't.

And I celebrate those who do.

My heart overflows with Love.

The Love left behind for me by Chuck, and the Love gifted to me by the ones shining the light of Love for me, helping to illuminate my way.

Shattered heart.


It's all one and the same for me.

I'll always write about it...about Chuck and our Love story.

Always speak about it.

Write and speak about his absence from my life now, and the Love that lives on, in so many varied forms.

And I'll always and forever create beauty from it.

'Til always~

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