This Woman I Do Not Know

Many have posted all over the net, and here, how the death of Robin Williams has affected them.  

Their surprise... or degree there of.

The loss of his creativity and ability to shower abundant joy on others.

Of how his catalogue of work is central to their childhood and youth.

The stories of someone who, by the reports, was a kind and generous human being.

I have had some of this, but foremost in my mind has been his family.  As is whenever I hear of someone joining the ranks.  

My first thought is "Damn, not another one"

Quickly followed by "has his wife found this community yet...  even caught a glimpse of the guiding light to a safe shore"

I think about what she's going through - dealing with officials around her husband's death, organising a funeral, an estate, trying to put a brave face on for the outside world as she's trying to comprehend in utter disbelief.  

And she literally has the outside world watching her.  

And my heart aches for her.

And what's coming - the world around them, close circles and those far distant, turning back to their day to day lives. The roller-coaster of bad days, not-so-bad days and curl up in a ball and block the world out days.

And my heart aches for her.

This woman I do not know.

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