This one life.

sunset.jpgWhether you believe in God, reincarnation, or just nothing; this life, this one you are living right now, this is it.

You will never again live this life as this person. You will never again live these experiences and learn these lessons. Every life is unique and so very special. Why do we as a society not see that?

At some point in almost every person’s life you will experience true heartache. Something that stops your whole world and you will not understand how to restart it. But you will, you will come out of it and you will find the beauty in what has happen. This is part of life.

You will have a choice. You can choose the darkness that seems like it will last forever, you will just stop and stay in one place. Or you can choose to move, move forward and find the light that will come out of that darkness.

Whether you think this life is random chaos or divine intervention, you must always recognize and remember that your life is unmeasurably priceless.

We as a society seem to have lost the value of life. We kill each other without a blink of an eye, we watch each other slowly kill ourselves, and we do nothing. But what is worse is that our own self value is gone. We kill ourselves and never think twice about it. We drink ourselves into a black hole and wonder why life is so pointless. We become drug addicts and use the excuse life is too hard sober. We never live our dreams, we just sit and wait to die.

We need to change our way of thinking. We need to value life. It’s a shame that you have to experience true loss to see true beauty. Those of us who have walked that dark path tend to be the ones with the kindest hearts. We are the ones who see beauty in the world around us. Find that joy and love before you find heartache.

Every living thing is so precious. It is a ripple in the water, once someone is taken from this earth it changes everything forever.

Everyone sees these things happening but no one wants to be the one to step in. It’s uncomfortable to talk to someone about the truth. It’s hard to look at ourselves and realize we need help. It’s hard to give yourself the value you deserve when you feel like you have failed.

I will not. I will not let life be wasted. Not mine, not someone I know, not the man standing on the side of the street. I love you all whether I know you or not, because you are life. You are an amazing creature who deserves someone to fight for you.

We need to help each other and fight for each other, stop being cowards and turning the other cheek. Say something, smile at strangers, help each other, and let people know you care.

We are all connected.

Never forget. 

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