this glorious grief~

grieve gloriously

you are cracked wide open

listen not to the instructions of others

how you must grieve

own your relationship

and what it now means to bear the physical absence of that one you loved

love still in the ethereal world

scream cry rend your garments curl into the floor gasp your grief

it is yours not theirs

grieve gloriously and give not your power to others

who have no knowledge of your story and your soul

pretend not that life matters

or give all energy to life and let it matter

it is for you to decide

or not decide

just be who you are what you are

how your grief must be at this moment at this time

worry not for the unseen future

or worry for that future

which is yours even as you curse it

grieve gloriously and deeply and as you alone must grieve

sob or laugh or sob/laugh at the same time

or do neither

we are one and the other and we are both at the same time

or not

and both are impossibly possible and there is no logic or rhyme or reason

there is no destination there is only here sometimes there but always here

*allow the mind fuck*

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