Things Have Changed

door.jpgAt the moment we are in the middle of our city's 'Mad March' that consists of a motorsport carnival, an Arts and a fringe festival, concerts, other sporting events.


Many of these things I used to go to, before I met Ian, and after. 


Last year I didn't really want to go to anything.  I think I went to one event, compared to the 'record' a friend and I have of averaging 3 shows a day for a fortnight (parenthood for both of us has put the kybosh on trying that again for a while, though).



This year,  I'm aware of the buzz around the city.  I'm conscious I'm not getting to as much as I would like to.


I know with a child, I wouldn't be able to attend shows and events to the degree I had.  Ian was happy to stay with John, but I couldn't get to as much as I would in my single life.


But as a single parent with limited care options, I'll get to one show.  And that's because it's the show of a long-standing friend and my parents understand that I try and get to one performance per season to support them. 


There is one significant change this year however.  I'm not getting to as much AS I WOULD LIKE TO.


I want to get out and engage with what's happening.  I'm now conscious of the disconnect I've had.  I may not choose to go to my usual list of shows and branch out and see new acts, but I want to be out there.


This is a good thing.  It's frustrated by circumstance, but a good thing none the less.

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