they are okay

2_11_11.JPGThere are days or moments that I watch my little ones and think, "Bloody Hell. They are going to be so messed up after all they've been through."

Then there are times that I see them blossom and bloom with smiles, laughter and play where I think, "If you didn't know what had happened, you would think these two had a 'normal' life."

All I know for sure, is that no matter how our lives unfold, they are stronger because they have each other.

They still know how to laugh and be silly without guilt or remorse.

And that these two little ones are the most amazing teachers of living after your life has stopped.

I am practising seeing the world through their eyes....It isn't as dark as it is through mine.


Originally posted 7 1/2 months after losing their daddy on our personal blog.

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