The Value of a Friend (part One Million and One...)

10_20_09.jpgThese are the faces of a few of the women who celebrated 40 with me in Vegas... interestingly enough, all of them had read last week's blog and were still brave enough to go! Thanks guys! I'm not usually as black as last week, and I think I stirred up a few worries with that post. It is what it is, and most of the people in my life get it, or at least want to. I am very blessed.

I've been asked over the past few years about "how do I help my friend" issues regarding grief and loss. I guess if you've experienced it, people think you'll know how to help someone else. It's true, I do have a good idea of the things not to do (don't tell a widow that you know she'll find someone and be happy again at the funeral....). But what to do? I'm still at a loss in some ways too. Being there is the best way to help.


Checking in

Doing something thoughtful without asking first

Understanding how hard it is to move forward and being there to jump off the curbs

Going with them to Vegas even when it sounds like they might be a downer...  ;)

Jumping on a plane on a moment’s notice because you just "should be there"

Remembering the days that are hard and being willing to be there anyway

Celebrating the smallest accomplishments (dishwasher repair for instance :)

Those are the things that friends do. I have great friends.

Soooo, we survived the trip and it was a blast! What a great group of women to spend three rather inebriated days with! You know what they say, what happens in Vegas gets posted on facebook...

Happy Tuesday! 

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