The Value of a Friend

07_14_09.jpgFor lots of reasons, but likely due to the National Conference on Widowhood this weekend, I keep thinking about my friend Michele and how different my life would be without her. She once wrote that God closed the door to Phil, but by an odd twist sent her the window that opened to me. Given the choice, she'd have slammed my window for sure... :) and I understand that. Not given the choice, we have been blessed by the friendship the new window gave us the view to.

Thank you, Michele, for being my partner on this curious and very often painful path. Thanks for being my partner in crime, the loud laughter in my ears, the person who knows when my voice "just doesn't sound right". It is so much easier to bear the load while walking next to someone with a similar load and a similar attitude about life. I'll be in the same city with Michele this week, and I can't wait! Look out San Diego, we're on our way.

Happy Tuesday!

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