The Ring

3_20_10.jpgIt is no secret.... my engagement ring is part of me. When he slipped it on my finger that September day, it symbolized more than our unity, but more so our eternal love, undying dedication and taking this journey together...never faltering.

It is a main reason that I wanted Michael cremated with his on. It eternalized it. It cemented what was already done.

When Michael went to pick mine out, he asked "What do you want, baby?"

Of course, being the girl, I had preconceptions on what I thought I'd want it to look like, how it would be cut, etc.

But it was in that moment, as his green eyes stared down at me endearingly...that it all melted away.

"I want you to pick something out, that when you look at it, you think of me." I replied.

It didn't have filigree nor was it channeled with many stones. It was a simple cathedral setting with a princess cut diamond.

But as simple as its setting, oh how that diamond glowed. Its facets reflecting colors I had never seen. A simple cut to hide its many complexities.

I stare at the ring so often, and finally see why Michael chose it. It's the perfect combination of us's our ring.

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