The Joy

John Clarke once said, "True love is the joy of life." Now I don't know John but after this past week I have to add on to these words of inspiration he probably spoke many years ago.

Now as I personally know, true love is hands down numero uno in my joy book but the second greatest joy is being around others who have been touched by its graces. This past week, as Nicole mentioned in her blog, we've been at another AWP event. Skydiving with the Golden Knights and doing a "Celebration of our hero's lives" golf tournament was amazing, but seeing the smiles on the faces of my fellow widows and hearing their stories of true love is what makes these outings so amazing.

The true love Michael and I share definitely still is my driving force through the tangled web I call life, and it still brings me more happiness then any physical thing here. But hearing and feeling as if I am a part of my fellow widow's continuation of their own love is an experience I am honored to even have a glimpse of.

"True love is the joy of life"-John Clarke..........But I have got to add this as its successor.......
"It is in hearing and seeing the true love of my loved ones that my own is further solidified." - Taryn Davis



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