The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Everything in Between~

This is a list. Not a gratitude list necessarily, but a list that does include some good shit, nonetheless. And sometimes it’s easier to write in list form than prose form.


This past weekend I had a massive, huge, meltdown/purge/nervous breakdown. Included were earthquake size shakes throughout my body, shallow breathing, sobbing, gut-wrenching pain, and an awareness of almost leaving my body. I also vomited up bile that I knew damn well was grief. As exhausting and physically and emotionally demanding as it was, I had no fear throughout and was able to identify at each moment what was happening in my body and connect that to my emotions. It was horrid, but I got through it, with the support of my daughter.

This was followed up later in the day by a Reiki healing session with my daughter, who is a natural born healer. For one hour I relaxed more than I’ve relaxed in 3 years.

Monday I had a counseling appointment at Luke AFB clinic and talked through the meltdown/purge.  He told me it was a sign of progress.  I spoke of how easy it would be for me to go on meds, but how inhibiting it would be to my soul to do so, because I know damn well...have known since Chuck died...that this is a soul search and drugs will inhibit the very sacredness of this experience.  

Tuesday I met with my trauma therapist who led me through a new protocol of visualization that assists in dissolving the connectors between an emotion and a thought (I think that’s the process). We worked on my feelings of sadness and yes, I can tell a difference. Next week we’ll do more EMDR and use this new protocol to work on my sugar addiction.

At the same time as I recognize that, yes, all of this work is paying off, there is also a sense of panic that I am abandoning Chuck again by detaching from the trauma and grief. My counselor, therapist and my daughter all say the same thing: that this is leading me to a sense of self again, at which point I’ll finally be able to have the good shit in my head and heart rather than the grief and trauma. I’ll have to trust them on that.

This Friday and Sunday I’m going to Phoenix to receive a blessing from Amma Sri Karunamayi, who is an Indian holy woman. I figure I can use all the blessings I can get. And Sunday is a fire ceremony, in which special prayers are spoken and offerings fed into the fire. It sounds like exactly what I need right now.

Today I connected with a group of people on face book who are all military retirees who RV full-time. Once I’d put up a picture of my rig, with a short synopsis of my Odyssey of Love, other group members began commenting about how they’d met me at Joint Base McChord in Washington State, or the base at Millington TN. Or Sigsbee in Key West. All day were comments from people I’d met along my way as I stayed at military famcaps. It felt like hearing from family.

And....drum roll....the wings were attached to my rig and she looks more magical than ever. I found the guy who affixed them through google. He did the job and PinkMagic (my rig) looks exactly like I knew she would. And he didn't charge me for any of his work.  He just hugged me and told me to be safe on the road. Lettering is coming soon, and then I’ll be ready to roll.

Here’s a picture of her. My rig, I mean. Maybe it will brighten your day, looking at her. Inside are pictures of me and my husband, Chuck, through our years together. Every bit of my rig, inside and out, is a testament to our love, and the love he left behind for me.

Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing this? The responses I get from the people I meet are what has kept me going since Chuck died.

It’s what will keep me going...                                                                                                                                                                                             943854_993135474074720_1648885574506584549_n.jpg

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  • indie
    commented 2016-03-25 23:28:15 -0700
    Interestingly all the things you write about your breakdown I still have at least several times a month. All except the bile. I too know what is happening in my head as it happens and I too haven’t taken drugs for the same reason you don’t although it isn’t as though people haven’t pushed/suggested them.

    One small difference though. I am tired of trying to get through it. I have come to the conclusion that just as I and many others “plan our lives” and we really don’t have to acknowledge the opposite while doing so, I am now “planning my death”. Nothing sinister, just an accommodation that I no longer need to strive so hard to deal with the shrapnel of the daily minefield of grief. I am going to work towards tying up my affairs rather than trying to extend them into a place where having to accept his death and my loneliness and the knowledge there will never be anyone who I would place myself into their arms because for the future, I am now going to plan for that which is inevitable, but where I don’t have to struggle everyday to achieve some kind of release from the pain that has been my constant companion in various stages of upheaval (sorry, long train of thought there). I’m just exhausted. I’m giving up having to try to experience more, live life more. I have realized I want to wind down and out not up and extended.
    Just me.
    For you, I am glad the EMDR seems to be a working strategy. And if you do figure out the sugar addiction you might share how to conquer that one! The dark chocolate market better never give out while I’m still around. It would surely hasten my demise.
  • Lisa Richardson
    commented 2016-03-23 22:37:40 -0700
    She’s beautiful Alison! Say “hello” to Millington for me next time you’re through. It’s where my Tony and I were from and holds a special place in my heart. Hugs to you….