Taryn Davis

How Many Tickets?

06_13_09.jpgI never went to the movies solo. For as long as I can remember I had someone to my left or right to share my popcorn and Sour Patch Kids with. Michael, on the other hand, loved catching the latest flick on his own. It was as if he had some freedom I hadn't quite mastered.

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Bring It on Year 3!!

So the 2 year mark has come and passed. In one 24 hour period I am starting on another year in this new world I live in.

As the angelversary arrives people always seem to ask how I'm doing (Go figure), then the day arrives and it seems as if it was the build up to the day which was the worse. Then the day comes, and it seems like any other day in a way, but I have realized it proved me wrong this year. Its subtle changes show themselves at random moments or in quiet moments of reflection.

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Just a military Widow living the dream...and loving my husband.
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