Tamara Beachum

  • commented on A Letter from Before, and Beyond 2016-05-03 17:47:25 -0700
    What a gift! Our daughter graduates from college in a couple of weeks and starts her first real job. I so wish I had something like that from her dad. Shelby will cherish it when the time comes.

  • commented on Making Meaning 2015-12-01 03:36:35 -0800
    I shared this with the Creative Grief Studio community. It’s remarkable how well your thoughts line up with the underpinnings there. Grief is a learning process and you articulate what it feels like to be inside that space. Not everyone will go on to be grief and creativity educators (as it seems we were called to do) but we all in our own ways inhabit that uncomfortable stretch before we make meaning from these losses. Super job.

  • commented on JesusMaryandJoseph is all I have to Say About This~ 2015-07-15 17:45:47 -0700
    You have done well to run far, far away from this suitor even if by accident. Whew! Yes, no settling.

  • commented on Hey Bud 2015-07-07 18:20:41 -0700
    Gah! You had me at “Hey Bud.” So happy that Sarah and you have found someone who gets it.

Creative grief support educator, photographer and writer. I am also a widow. Yes, widows can look like me. What I know for sure: Love lives on.
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