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  • commented on Four Seasons 2015-10-19 18:26:39 -0700
    Tricia – Really – it’s been a year already? I too am sorry you are leaving the blog. I’ve gained so much from your posts, especially since our timelines are so similar. Thank you for writing when it was difficult, thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your challenges and your hope. I look forward to following your blog.

  • commented on 33 Years in 40 Minutes 2015-10-19 10:59:25 -0700
    “The ones going through the darkness now have a responsibility to put some lanterns out there in the wilderness to light the way for those who follow” – I love this, Sarah. And I love how you’re facing your fears, taking risks and thriving. Risks of a new relationship with Mike and Shelby, moving and now public speaking. I know how empowering it’s been for me to stare down the fear and do it. There’s nothing like that feeling!

  • commented on A Relict Relates 2015-10-16 23:03:00 -0700
    I don’t always know what to say about a specific post, perhaps because they hit so very close to home, but I want you to know that I’m so glad you’re doing what you do.

  • commented on Always and Never 2015-10-16 23:37:23 -0700
    Exactly, Lisa. Exactly!

  • commented on Grease Monkey 2015-10-13 17:29:11 -0700
    Brian had a 2008 650 Suzuki V-Strom that he called his mistress. Said she was “the sweetest ride” he ever had and he’d owned a lot of bikes. During the winter when he couldn’t ride, he’d sometimes pat the bike and say “It’s okay – we’ll be together again soon, baby”. Men and vehicles – it’s a love affair. Thanks for reminding me of this sweet memory, Mike. May you have many more good times in your Mustang!

  • commented on Searching for Stan 2015-10-08 15:26:34 -0700
    Your post certainly resonated with me, Tricia. I’ve been searching too. People tell me to be patient – it will happen. I’ve been asked if I really think there aren’t any signs or if I’m not paying attention (a relevant comment considering my inability to be still, and one that came from love). So – yes, no answers, only questions – all while moving forward in this strange after life.

  • commented on Our Dance~ 2015-10-08 15:09:05 -0700
    What a beautiful post, Allison – I can see the two of you dancing at the side of the road and I can feel the passion you shared for each other! I remember how, 6 months after Brian died, I was still haunted by hospital memories and so desperately wanted to get past those to the good memories – because there are many. In time memories of motorcycle trips, camping, travels and hanging out with grandkids turned up and I draw comfort from them. Yes – the dance of grief and life …. We’ll figure it out.

  • commented on Over It 2015-10-03 13:53:20 -0700
    Yep – I know what you mean Kelley. Last year one of Canada’s military was shot while he was acting as sentry at the War Memorial in Ottawa. It was a senseless act! I so wanted Brian beside me at that time. I wanted to hear his familiar outrage and his political analysis of the situation and I wanted to not feel so damn alone when there was such tragedy on home soil. Just when we think we’ve missed them in every possible way – there is another – and another. So glad to be part of the community where we all “get it.”

  • commented on The Girl With the Crooked Smile 2015-10-03 12:59:23 -0700
    A crooked smile is still a beautiful smile. And so great you have a lot of things to smile about, in spite of the pain. Thank you for taking the risk to write this post – I know it speaks to me about my fear about the vulnerability that comes with getting ill in this after life and also about the joy and love of life.

  • commented on Remember the Fall 2015-09-29 16:44:32 -0700
    Mike – Yes, your post brought up painful memories for me and that’s okay – they’re never very far away anyway. Yes, it’s important to vent when you need to, and I’m glad you chose this blog as the place to do this, because you know there is a very deep well of love, support and understanding out there. It’s so good to have both you and Sarah post about how your losses and your love story are always weaving together. And I also would have married Brian even if I’d known how this would turn out. Thank you.

  • commented on Pockets of Loss 2015-09-28 18:14:42 -0700
    “…loss is inevitable, and that the only way to protect ourselves from it is to hide from love, and from life, to harden, to build a wall between ourselves and others, to shrivel up inside.” I considered doing that after my husband died 16 months ago at 59. His death left such an enormous hole in my heart that I didn’t know how I could carry on! Since then I’ve decided that is too high a price to pay. If I’d known Brian was going to die at 59, I would still have loved him and married him. I expect we’d have had an even better time than we did, would have ignored more of the little annoyances and would have had a great life together even knowing it would ultimately be too short. Thank you, Tricia – so many of your posts resonate with me especially since we’re near the same age and are at similar places in our grief journey.

  • commented on About A Girl 2015-09-28 15:01:29 -0700
    Sarah – the story of the love you, Mike and Shelby share offers so much hope. It gives me goosebumps to hear about the signs and synergies you’ve been experiencing, and your relationship with Shelby is so special. I know Drew and Meghan are smiling on you guys from wherever they are.

  • commented on On the road again... 2015-09-27 06:57:07 -0700
    Stephanie – so many of your posts resonate with me and this one is no exception. Trying on new things/places, wondering where you will end up; enjoying your grandchildren and lots of things about your life, but feeling sad that Mike is missing what you are experiencing. Yes! Thank you.

  • commented on Still Learning about Him 2015-09-26 13:18:57 -0700
    Rebecca – thank you for writing about the “nuggets” you’ve discovered about Dan since he died. They’re so precious. At my husband’s memorial, one of his long time workplace friends talked about the legacy my husband left at his workplace – something he would never have told me even if he’d been aware of it. Even at that painful time, it was heartwarming for me to hear. Thank you for reminding me of that with today’s post.

  • commented on You're Missing It 2015-09-18 07:45:46 -0700
    It sounds like a fabulous evening Kelley, reminiscent of last January when I got to attend The Daly Show in NYC. I had a blast, but felt very sad that Brian wasn’t there with me. He was a huge Jon Stewart fan. And then there were the grandkid’s Christmas concerts and …. and….. it just goes on and on. By the way, I’m amazed you can string coherent thoughts together so late at night.

  • commented on Defining Family 2015-09-12 00:50:12 -0700
    Kelley Lynne – so honoured to be part of that late night dinner in Toronto. Such a beautiful post.

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