Michelle Brown Maitland

  • commented on Felt Like Goodbye 2017-01-14 21:45:15 -0800
    Thank you for sharing, Kelley. My husband passed away at 42 years old, somewhat unexpectedly on December 1st. He suffered 12 years of 24/7 debilitating headaches from a brain injury only to have more brain injuries occur from a near fatal car accident on 2/27/13. I am “fortunate” enough to know that he likely wouldn’t be living a long life because of his constant pain which equals CONSTANT depression and suicidal thoughts. I am furrunate enough to know he did not take his own life, yet was found laying dead on the floor next to my side of the bed. I work from home and was sitting across the hall, working, as he took his last breath, not even knowing it. I wanted so much to be able to hold his hand and tell him exactly how much I loved him as he took his last breath. I thought that was the least I owed him and feel robbed if that moment. You have given me a reminder that I need to tell everyone I love them, all the time. I was late in the grieving process as I didn’t start my constant flow of tears until this week. I’ve had so many people reach out and offer a helping hand, or ear. I’ve been turning down every call, text and Facebook message because of how I’m feeling. I shouldn’t be doing that. What if someone I love passes away while I’m busy moping on the couch? So I thank you for your message and I wish you all the happiness in the world.