Stardust Dances and the Universe~

Swirling and dancing back and forth

Dipping and swaying in time...

Dance me to the End of Love…with Leonard Cohen

You’re the Inspiration….with Chicago

When I Said I Do…with Clint Black

Around the kitchen into the dining room

In the backyard under the canopy

With the flowers bright around us

Under a full moon with the dark skies around us and over us

I dream of those dark skies now

Of the Universe around us stars glittering

Comets flashing

Hand resting on his shoulder his arm resting lightly around my waist

Feeling him again against me he’s here again I’m his again

My heart is at peace again I feel calm again I can breathe again he is here again

And we dance through time again and forever again and we are us again and I am me again as he is him again


everything is okay again…   


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