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Spread the WordOne way you can make a huge difference for Soaring Spirits is by sharing our daily posts, commenting on blog posts, and by letting your communities know about the life-affirming programs offered by Soaring Spirits.

Information about Soaring Spirits isn’t needed only by widowed people…your friends, your family, your coworkers, local organizations and businesses, faith-based communities, schools, colleges and universities, illness-related support groups and organizations can all benefit from knowing our programs exist. Nearly everyone knows someone who could benefit from having access to a widowed peer-support community.

Our mission is to ensure that no widowed person has to grieve their partner alone. The more people who know about the work of Soaring Spirits, the more likely any widowed person is to find us when they need us. Anyone referred through your personal link or through the social media buttons below will increase your community involvement points and move you up our community involvement leaderboard!

So, share, comment, post, tweet…spread the word via any of the social media platforms below. Together we can make a difference!

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