some regrets

10_29_09.jpgsome of us 

were talking 

about madeline’s long fingers.

someone suggested

that she should be a

piano player.

i said, 

“just like her momma”

and then i realized…

i was in love with liz

for over

12 years

and i never 

saw her play the piano.

and that made me sad.

then i got to thinking

about the other stuff

we never did.

we never skied together.

we never made it to egypt.

we never went on that african safari.

we never made it to dubai.

(she really wanted to see those crazy human-made islands)

we never got one of those

cheesy family portraits

(you know what i’m talking about…the three of us all wearing the same all-denim outfits).

but really, 

those are the only




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