Soaring Spirits Programs

Soaring Spirits ProgramsSoaring Spirits offers the following programs that connect widowed people around the world. We provide both online and in-person opportunities for finding peer support. You can access our programs from the comfort of your own home, or you can meet up with other widowed people in person…whatever works best for you.

Every Soaring Spirits program is inclusive, secular, and life-affirming.

Widowed Pen Pal program will match you with another widowed person for one-on-one supportive e-mail correspondence.

Widow’s Voice Blog Library is written by seven different widowed people who share the ups and downs of their own widowed journeys, as they live them. The blog features a new post every day.

Widowed Village Forum is an online community that will give you access to other widowed people around the clock, each and every day from the comfort of your own home.

Regional Social Events provide an opportunity for in-person gatherings with other widowed people in your local community for understanding, friendship, and peer support.

Camp Widow® is a weekend long event, hosted three times a year that brings together widowed people from around the world to celebrate the healing power of community. The focus of Camp Widow® is recreating the future, while honoring the past. The weekend is packed with useful tools, reliable resources, and the invaluable experience of being surrounded by peers in this unlikely, but incredible, community.

You Are Not Alone Outreach Easy to carry business cards designed to allow you to quickly share Soaring Spirits program information with any widowed person you meet.

Social Media You will find a huge community of support on our Facebook page, and can get hope delivered to you one tweet at a time by following us on Twitter!

We believe in the power of community.