Snow Days

snow.jpgIt snowed this weekend in my part of the country. It snows every year here but it always shuts everything down. It's a good time though. You get stuck in the house until you are brave enough to take the kids out and play in the snow. You play board games and bake cakes. It's just a family time. 

It's always been that way with our family. Joey would stay home from work and we would all play outside. We would sled and build snowmen. Have snowball fights and play with the dogs. These are the days you remember all these wonderful things. And then you see what you have. 

I choose to see the light of what I have. I know what I am missing but I know I still have blessings. These kids. They love the snow and they had a blast. And you know what the best part was when they remembered. They remembered playing in the snow with their daddy. 

I'm grateful for days like these and I will always be grateful for the memories. It's a beautiful thing when you can finally see the happiness that still exist around you. I'm grateful for snow days that slow everything down so I can see this amazing life for what it is once more. 

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