Smiling Through the Tears

I don't really have anything particular to write about this week. No news on the house, work is going, school is going.


In the middle of it all, I am feeling that ring of sadness around it all. Sad that my life has changed so much as a result of losing Mike, sad that he isn't here to share it with anymore, sad that my future will not include him. 


Just the normal, obvious feelings of grief that don't go away.


That surge of panic that comes and goes when I consider the unsettled nature of my life and future. Anxiety that I don't have Mike to rely on in any way. Stress that I will make a wrong decision without his advice. Frustration that the right, best decision doesn't seem obvious yet.


But I am consciously working on gratitude. I have had a truly lovely and blessed life so far, and even though I've experienced loss, I do not want it to tarnish how grateful I am for what I have had.


I had a beautiful childhood, wonderful parents and brother. I remember days of play, incredible vacations, family dinners and a general peaceful life with a happy, carefree energy. We had very little family tragedy and all have had good health, for the most part. Though Dad's condition now is heartbreaking, he is well cared for and we have each other for support.


I had an excellent education and a wild adventure in Hollywood. I met an amazing, unique man who was endlessly entertaining and 16 years of life in the beautiful land of Aloha. I have two beautiful stepdaughters and three wonderful grandchildren. I have so many friends I can't even count who are caring and supportive of me. I have my musician boyfriend who has proven to also be a reliable source of support, despite his quirky nature, and despite that we don't know yet how our relationship will survive the coming changes.


It's still easy to sink into the grief, and it still happens all the time. I just remind myself it's not all been bad - in fact most of it has been wonderful. It's harder to think about things to come, though my energy is going towards creating something that I can also feel grateful for someday.


None of this is easy. Focusing on the good, and gratitude. Finding things to look forward to now that my love is gone from me. It's a practice, the way I see it. I need to continue this practice, because one of my promises to myself is to be a light to others as much as I can. I see one of the reasons for my life as bringing smiles to those around me, maybe, sometimes, also through the tears.


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  • commented 2017-09-14 08:45:22 -0700
    At the point when joined with unwinding and desire, grinning can separate hindering vitality designs. The fascinating thing is our inborn capacity to grin every now and again as a youngster reduces gradually for the duration of our lives as we persist worry from outside circumstances. We take care of, grin less and less, and encounter constrained satisfaction. You can have trust however, in light of the fact that you can enhance your satisfaction by rehearsing your grin!
  • commented 2017-05-19 03:29:58 -0700
    Indeed Marilyn there will always be that but…hugs to you.
  • commented 2017-05-19 00:56:39 -0700
    Stephanie you are so right on. How natural it is to give in to the grief when we had such a close, easy, intimate partnership that just dissolved one day. I try like hell to look at my amazing life history and I truly am grateful for living etc. BUT….well, we all know so well that faking it till you make it just feels so wrong and most days I feel like a very good actress at work, with people. Then I come home to my house which used to be our house. I love it and I AM grateful, but. But.