Silver linings

Sometimes we have to sit back and do some serious reflecting. I am not by any meanings taking away from anyone's pain. My pain is mine and it's real. I'm dealing with the grief still of losing my husband while trying to raise four children. I am dealing with a medical condition that is never going to go away and could possibly wheelchair bound me. But I also have the blessing of living. I get that gift. We as widows know how precious that is. Yet sometimes in the darkest moments we forget that we are still here. We get to keep going. It's hard and just plain sucks at times but we are alive. 

I received a message from a woman this week who lost her husband to cancer and now is battling that herself, alone. After hearing her story I thought about how lucky I am to have children from my husband. 
It made me realize that although my life is hard at times it's also beautiful. I have many blessings and I need to always appreciate them. We need to always find the silver lining in life. 
I wouldn't wish widowhood on my worse enemy but what I would wish is the gift of seeing the value of life. I understand how fragile life is. I get that this time is so small and we have to live it. 
My point in all this is this: 
Please no matter how sad you are. No matter how many tears you cry. Find something that makes you smile. Find one small blessing in your life. And always remember and cherish that you are still here for a reason and we must if not for ourselves but at least for our loved one we lost, live. We must embrace life and always see it's beauty. We too will leave this world. I want people to always say I lived. I want to leave a positive imprint on this world. I don't always want to be a tragedy. I want to be a person who smiled through the storm. 

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  • Marybeth Hotaling
    commented 2016-12-16 04:11:13 -0800
    Beautiful. You inspire all of us. Although it can be the hardest thing, remaining positive in this life we have left without our other half is still a blessing. We do need to be reminded of that.
  • Kim Chen
    commented 2016-12-12 23:32:10 -0800
    Thank you Michelle,
    I lost my wife 1 month ago to post-partum depression, the pain and feeling of emptiness is just kicking in hard the last few days..
    The last paragraph has made me feel much much better
    Thank you.