Signs. Believing and...Not~

Chuck used to say to me Miller, get out of your head. You think too much.

I still think too much.  And you know what I think about most often? Signs. Those signs that we look for after our dearly loved one dies.  The signs that everyone assures us are messages from our loved ones.

In my head I can totally make logic of many of the signs that, if I believed in such things, have occurred and I could convince myself that Chuck sent them.  Two years on the road solo with unexpected meetings with people who show me things and tell me things that could only be from Chuck. If I believed in such things. And I do want to believe in them. I want to see them and know them and be reassured that he is somehow still around me.

Our youngest son got married this past weekend and they hired a DJ for the reception. My son-in-law brought to my attention the car driven by the DJ, which was parked in the drive. It was the same model/make  and color of the car Chuck and I drove our last 4 years. It had a roof rack and sun roof, as ours had. And the license plate? It read Chuck. Which was the DJ"s name.

What are the odds on that? The likelihood? Everyone immediately believed, of course, that it was something from my husband, striving to reassure me that he’s near, that he was there on a day that was joyous and yet filled with the gaping hole of his absence. And I wanted, and want still, to believe that it was him. I envy those who believe so surely in signs. But then my brain kicks in.

Are we the creators of these connections? Do we take what is not really anything but ordinary circumstances and make them into something that brings us comfort? Are we the ones who give meaning when it means nothing really? And ultimately does it matter as long as it brings us comfort?

These thoughts that run through my head constantly as people point these signs out to me... and it isn’t that I disbelieve them. It’s simply that I get in my head and argue about it and go back and forth and it gets me crazy and I end up back at square one.

My bottom line thoughts on signs, for me, are this: even if they are signs from Chuck, it isn’t good enough for me. I don’t want the signs. I want him. There’s pretty much no grey area for me in this. He’s gone and I can’t have him, of course, and my brain won’t accept second best as a substitute.  

Grief. It’s confusing to me at best and this is just one of the ways that gets me nuts. I don’t know what to think except that I need to stop thinking and let things just be. Which I’ve never been good at doing and I’m worse at it now that the stakes are so high.

Round and round my brain goes. I want to accept these things as signs. Truly. Why can't I just let it be and find comfort in it?




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  • commented 2015-06-11 08:15:51 -0700
    My mind is always running in warp speed. I would want nothing more than to have my mom back or give my sister her son back. Fact I cannot do that. I do see signs and I choose to believe them. I also know that my mom would want me to be happy, yes it’s a struggle but I will do everything not to let her down. I speak to my mom everyday, I choose to believe she can hear me. We shared a very strong bond which even death cannot take away. Some days are harder than others, but I choose to live. It is all any of us can do. That and try to believe.
  • commented 2015-06-10 19:05:13 -0700
    I, too, am an overthinker. My husband, also Chuck, used to tell to quit “running things.” Or, in other words, quit overthinking things. We were together 43 years and I thought we’d be linked forever, no matter what. But he’s been gone a year- suddenly and unexpectedly-and I look for signs: on the radio, in the birds that land on the feeder… I’m glad I’m not the only one. Imdon’tbfeek quitevso crazy. But what if there are no signs? Then what!
  • commented 2015-06-10 09:11:15 -0700
    I so get this. For my Frank, it’s been deer, showing up in unexpected places at just the right time. But now, I’m angry because I keep asking for signs and haven’t seen a deer or any other sign in months… but the bottom line is I want to see him, not a sign. And I’m an over-thinker, too, which is maybe why I don’t get any answers to my anquished cries for a sign or my tearful prayers.