Stephanie Hughes

  • commented on Blind Faith 2018-09-07 09:47:06 -0700
    Staci- as usual, your eloquent writing says what so many of us feel too. Like Ron, I too am 9 months out, and while I beginning to slowly stabilize from the horrific waves of grief, I don’t know how to move forward. Thank you for posting what could have my own post, as it’s exactly how I feel. I just have to have faith that I need to get out of my own way and let my life renew itself, somehow.

  • commented on History Repeats Itself All Too Often Too Soon 2018-07-07 16:35:50 -0700
    I have tried several time to post to your poignant writings, but for some reason, it won’t save. I hope this will. Maybe my replies are too long. All I wanted to say is that it’s breaking your heart, again, to be separated from Tin, have you thought about keeping his ashes? While our loved ones may have set down what they wanted before they passed, they had NO idea of the horrific pain and suffering we are left with. Perhaps keeping Tin with you for awhile will help you on this gut-wrenching journey, and then when you are ready, follow his plans, whatever they are. I am sure that he will understand.
    Love and Peace to you, Bryan