Setting Grief Free

Sometimes no matter what you do, the grief wave just hits you.

You try, and try, and try with all of your might to not let it happen again for whatever reason you give yourself: You’re supposed to be the strong one.  You’ve cried enough, it’s time to stop now.  You don’t want to feel this anymore.

Love, the real thing, is eternal.  People like to pretend that it can be recaptured or replaced, but those people don’t know what love truly is. It perseveres, far beyond our finite limitations.

We are only human after all, but we are capable of inhuman things…such as love.  It’s unexplainable.  It’s on par with trying to explain the origins of the universe or the meaning of life.

Perhaps we try a bit too hard to escape our grief or cover it up.  Perhaps we should be doing more to embrace it and let feelings flow as naturally as water melts from the ice caps and flows into streams that turn into rivers that become lakes that become oceans.

We try so hard to fight against things that so desperately need to happen to make us stronger that we throw ourselves into an endless cycle of pain and discomfort.

It feels good to cry. To release. To let things out that need to come out. It’s volatile to let them fester.  To bottle them up.  To hold them in.

A caged animal will always be more vicious than one allowed its freedom…because it wasn’t designed to be contained.  Neither was grief.

Grief is not an animal to be tamed or conquered.

But if you set it free, and let it run its course, it’s possible it will work with you, for you, and not against you.

Then again…who am I to say? 

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