taryn.jpg"What do I do now?"

"Where do I go?"

"How do I live?"

These are just a few of the many questions so many of us ask after the loss of our counterpart...our soul mate.

These questions helped fill my overactive brain from focusing on the reality that I needed to stop living in a nightmare and do it...venture into the wild and find the answers for myself...find life.

But I can say now, that the search needed little manpower, for in reality we cannot live life in questions....In search of some bigger picture. I think the only thing we can truly do is what Rainer Rilke said herself..."live the questions themselves" and hope...madly hope....that in the midst of living them they answer themselves. And that we are too busy living life to even care that they've been answered, for our life has become nothing but an outward expression of those answers.

For when it comes to it, the only questions worth answering are those that have a simple answer..."I did it for love."

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