Trudie Moses-Sandberg

  • commented on Sudden Death Shadows 2019-10-20 18:34:02 -0700
    I know that panicky feeling and fear too. The memory and fear from that trauma stays with us. My husband died in a motorcycle accident on his way to work one morning when another driver in a suburban pulled out in front of him. We never had a chance to speak to one another or to say goodbye.

  • commented on Dear Dead Husband 2019-10-15 17:42:14 -0700
    We all are standing right there with you. I lost my husband suddenly too in a motorcycle accident on his way to work one morning. Another driver pulled out in front of him in a suburban. He couldnt avoid the impact. That will be 7 years ago October 23rd. Anyway, yes we all see the eye rolls or the facial expressions that say, “there she goes again with another story, another memory” etc. We will live on with our lives doing the things, experiencing life they never will. ‘They’ can’t understand our pain or our need to speak the names of our husbands and the loss of the life we planned together. They dont know because they haven’t experienced it, yet. God’s blessings on you and everyone else here today.

  • commented on Bleeding Out the Pain 2017-01-22 20:34:26 -0800
    I’ve ‘used’ scream therapy b4. Just let ‘er rip and belted it out. To me it’s like opening the box and letting that monster soar. Better than exploding on the inside. This is year 5 for me too…5 years without your hand holding mine, without celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays with you. We were less than 3 months from our 20th anniversary. No more vacations, family celebrations, watching grandbabies grow up and meeting new ones together. Yes, there are so many wonderful, joyous plans we made that now will never happen…together. so, I rip the bandaid off.

  • commented on The Meaningless of Time~ 2016-03-30 22:55:59 -0700
    I didn’t have the luxury of time when my wonderful husband died. One morning. A few hours to ’talk ’ to him, hoping he could hear me. Then he was just gone from my life, our future, this life. Which is worse or better? Having time, or not? We all are suffering in our afterloss.