safety freak

safety_freak.jpgMy minivan has a back-up beeper installed and I never fail to wear safety goggles when required.

I realize that teenagers at the bus stop snicker as I stride by sporting my safety vest covered in all it's reflective glory and a red light flashing out a constant reminder of the whereabouts of my hind-end. 

And in the past, I would have worried that this safety gear would identify me as a complete dork. A safety freak. Now I see it as protecting my kids.

By wearing this protective paraphernalia, I am hopefully preventing the possibility of creating two little orphans.
I am terrified of leaving them alone in the world. Without Daddy....and then without Mommy.
I have stopped short of wearing bubble wrap beneath my clothing. But I do get my flu shot and wear a helmet when riding my bike. For my kids. I'll do it because they do still need me.



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