9_15_11.jpgIts "RUOK?" day in Australia today. I wrote this on my blog as an initial gut response to some facebook "friends" who flippantly asked me the question in a facebook message.....

RUOK is a great concept … for other people.

But if someone asks me today, I may slap them.

I. Am. Not. OK.

And asking me will not make me OK.

and if I am not OK

I will not tell them anyway …

Sometimes life really sucks and it means more to have someone who can listen without trying to make it all “OK”.

Which is why I blog …. bloggers listen and know better than to use some cutesy text-talk question.

I am not OK and asking me will not help.

Helping me will help.

But flippantly tossing me an acronym really, really won’t.


(addendum - if the question is asked using the guidelines given on the website, it's a great idea. But nobody I know in real life (on facebook) seems to have read the guide ... and telling a widow to "not worry" is completely useless ... as you all know).


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