Raining, pouring

blogger-image-1549524316.jpgIt's been a crazy week.  I guess I am just in one of those general bad periods that just happen in life  from time to time.  


I have uni deadlines and assessments this week, I got sick Friday so I lost a study day, then a nasty nasty so and so of a virus attacked my computer rendering it to the status of a boat anchor (and not a very good one at that, since it's a laptop).  I only bought this one last July!


All this had me quite frazzled, but it could be worse... It's not like someone died, you know?  


I'm taking the view that it will pass, hopefully soon since this run has been going on for three weeks, but it will pass.   

On the upside, My olds have a spare computer I will be able to borrow to get my uni work done until I can get myself a new one.  I have the financial capacity to get a new one if I need to (a rebuild is also an option), I have been able to get an extra day in childcare for John so I can study for this mini exam,  and my professor granted me a 2 day extension on the assignment.   


All these issues can be remedied with a bit of patience, time and effort.


Now to go get myself focused on practicing probability calculations....


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