9_3_11.jpgYou placed it onto my finger and our eyes met....making the agreement that from that point on our souls would be eternally connected....a searing of two hearts into matter what lay ahead. 

6 years ago you asked me the question that taught me that risk was a shorter word for following one's heart. Nothing has been more clear or absolute. Nothing has made me more honored and more proud. 

The ring is more than a ring. Our love is more than love. We are more than us. 

I cleaned it today with my toothbrush and the cleaner from the jeweler you purchased it at, who still makes an effort to send a card or gift on the day one ring joined the other. I look into it and don't see facets, colors or perfection...I see you. 

I'll never know how our souls found each other or why I was lucky enough to be chosen by you...but I will not question the gods too it has and continues to elevate my heart, life and soul to a level only you can push it to. 


I will....I do...I am.... 

Happy Engagement Anniversary, my love.

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