Plot Point

art095.jpgOne of the things I've maintained since Ian died is a theatre subscription with a couple of friends.  It gives me an opportunity to flex the grey-matter and escape to other worlds.

Over the weekend I went to a show I'd been looking forward too in terms of performer and composer.  It was a short, caberet style show and was a fantastic showcase for the solo performer, and I could hear the composer's influence.

However the show sat uneasily with me, and it took me a while to figure out why.

The story covered the death/disappearance of the character's mother when he was a young child.  And the story line implied that he was not told which it was - she died or she simply left until later in life.

I found it completely bizzare that a child wasn't told; left to try and make sense of what's happening around him.  

The show was strange generally, but this plot-point ment I just could not engage with the show.  There was a mental block I couldn't overcome.

I can't imagine not telling John that Ian died.

I couldn't pretend that Ian just up and left us.

It makes me wonder how I would have engaged with this show if I'd seen it before Ian died.  If that plot point would have bothered me at all.

If I'd even notice it at all.

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