Planned Giving

The Soaring Spirits community is well aware of the brevity of life. Many of our widowed community members have made their end-of-life plans after being personally impacted by their own circumstances after the death of their loved one.

If you haven’t already made an end-of-life plan, please, please do. Your loved ones will benefit from your thoughtful planning, and you will have the opportunity to clearly outline how you’d like to handle the important parts of your legacy.

If you’d like your legacy to include making a difference in the lives of widowed men and women after your death, please consider leaving a bequest in support of the programs of Soaring Spirits as a part of your last wishes. We would be honored to inspire, comfort, and inform the widowed men and women of the future, in your honor.

If you have included a gift to Soaring Spirits as a part of your will or trust, would you please let us know? We’d like to express our gratitude for making us a part of your legacy.