12_03_09.jpgsunday night.


for the first time,

just saw some photos of 


posted to flickr by anya

and i lost my shit.

photos of 


(almost all taken by me)

have brought me

lots of comfort

over the past few weeks,

but these were different.

these photos were taken

by someone else

during happy times

that i wasn’t a part of…

her bachelorette party 


various girls-only weekends.

all of a sudden

now i think i know what 

it’s like 

to look at this from

a strangers perspective

and it’s awful.

i found myself

thinking the 

same things everyone 

else has said,

“what a beautful woman”

“so full of life”

“can’t believe she’s gone”

holy shit i miss


so much right now.

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